by Simon Schnellmann


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Liebe macht blind / Love is blind

This clip won the Audience Award 2015 in the "Walk&Watch" Competition.
Thanks to all voters! "kurz und schön"

Klick! (Click!)

The clip runs on screens at metro and train stations in all major cities in Germany.
Thanks to "kurz und schön"

Inspiration came from a work of the famous artist Tomi Ungerer.

Armes Buch (Poor Book)

Books as beggars. Hard times at least for printed books.
Awarded with the first price at 5-10-20 Competition 2010 in the 5 seconds category.



Muslims and prejudice.
Awarded with the third price at 5-10-20 Competition 2010 in the 10 seconds category.

Not Today

I know...a true rebel would have turned around before closing the door.
Awarded with the audience award at 5-10-20 Competition 2011.